Medical Services



One Integrated Health Care Provider

Al-Alameya Medical Services company, specialized in the construction and rennovation of Hospital Projects. We develop Turnkey Projects, provide studies, consulting services and the complete range of medical equipment adapted to end users' needs.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary teams, composed of architects, biomedical, Mechanical, electrical engineers and technicians, we provide the optimal service to healthcare facilities with a main and clear vision, to serve medical staff, stakeholders and save patients’ lives, through experiences of 20 years the healthcare market.

Our Products

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We Established Al-Alameya - Medical Services sector (AMS), to provide the ideal integrated medical solutions, that support all healthcare facilities.

Since 1985, we have built many success stories in various commercial, industrial, and engineering fields, we decided to take anchored steps toward the healthcare sector, and open a new road of success. Our first goal is to achieve the desired vision of the kingdom 2030.

We put ourselves in the perspective of each doctor, nurse, patient, engineer, technician, and paramedic, to provide advanced medical systems, with the highest standards, that reinforce the medical staff to always be the first shield to serve the community.


Our Mission

Al-Alameya Medical Services enterprise, with primary and clear vision to provide optimal service to health facilities, with comprehensive solutions and wide range of projects : construction, renovation, expansion of hospitals, clinics, maternities, operating theaters, Renal dialysis centers, oncology centers, blood banks or laboratories, covering all medical specialties.