Medical Services


AMS versatility and broad range of Medical products manufactured by worldwide leaders in healthcare sector. Our widespread portfolio of medical equipment and supplies is continuously required and fulfill the need of all departments in healthcare facility:

Critical Care Equipment

Complete range of supportive devices with major need inside critical care area, relies on high quality, sustainable and supportive devices, starting from ventilation system till medical furniture of beds and stretchers.

Medical gases supplies

Supply, design and install full medical gases stations, starting from tanks and Manifolds, passing through Copper pipelines and ending with terminal units for whole hospital departments.

Central Sterile Service Department (CSSD) Equipment

The Sterile Processing Department comprises design process according to standards and in reference to number of surgical areas in the healthcare facility, by the support of AMS experienced team you can ensure suitable circulation and supply of medical sterile devices and steel furniture.

Medical Furniture

AMS serves the principle of product durability with durable materials for medical furniture used throughout health care facilities, in addition to a wide range of steel furniture.

Renal Dialysis Department

Deliver complete dersign service for Renal dialysis therapeutic units, or standalone units, and complete supply of Dialysis therapy equipment (Hemodialysis Machine, Dialyzers, AV Tubing sets, AV Fistula Needles, Bicarbonate Devices, Concentrate solutions, Disinfectant, Endotoxin Filters) through leader partner in Renal dialysis Therapy

Operating Theatre Equipment

AMS provides a comprehensive solution from A to Z for OR equipment, including medical equipment and furniture, with a particular emphasis on efficiency, reliability and security. We also customize operation theatres to create a conducive hygienic environment for surgeons and other physicians during operations.

  • Operating Table.
  • Surgical & Anesthesia Pendant.
  • Surgical Light.
  • Medical furniture.
  • Electro-Surgical Unit.
  • Suction units.
  • Anesthesia Machine.
  • Wall Control & Integration units.
  • Endoscopy.